So you look out your window and see a tree changing colors from red to orange to yellow to light green or you see a bush that is covered in red.  What a beautiful display of color our earth offers us during the month of October.  That tree in your front yard is sprayed with a beautiful array of red and orange that is breathtaking.  If we take a trip in the mountains we see landscapes of rivers reflecting the colors of the trees and a wonderous view of color delight.

Fall colors are at their peak right now, but after their show we start to see leaves fall to the ground.  These leaves eventually clutter and cover our lawns with a blanket of debris.  that debris can become a hazard for not only appearance purposes but for people walking onto your property.  Those little piles of leaves left on the walkways can get wet and become slippery and troublesome for people who don’t see them.  The piles of debris of leaves can become a hazard just waiting for an accident to happen.  Here are a few tips for you to adhere to in order to prevent accidents during this beautiful and colorful season.

Make sure your walkways are clear of the leaf debris and piles of leaves.  Have your driveways and walks well lighted so people can see where they are walking.  Clear all debris and leaves from the lawn so walkers on don’t fall, and clean all leaves from your front door especially.  Clean all areas of your lawn and walkways you feel someone might enter to prevent any type of accident. 

When it snows or rains, leaves tend to become ugly and slippery.  Make sure to shovel your walks and driveway so people don’t fall from the slippery leaves. 

Leaves are usually less harmfull  than a lot of other hazards, but when they clutter together, they can become a strong hazard.  It becomes your liability as a homeowner when people fall.  Make sure your homeowners policy carries good liability coverage.  Don’t allow accidents to happen by keeping your home’s walkways safe from accidents.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote or information.