What Type Of Insurance Policy Do I Need For A Rental Property?

Rental property’s can provide great residual incomes, and right now with the rental market in demand, a lot of people are putting their house’s up for rent or buying investment properties. Before you do this, your insurance policy must be written correctly, or else you could have some major gaps in coverage.

First of all lest highlight some of the most common types of properties.

  • Apartment Building
  • Condo
  • Dwelling

Apartment Building Insurance

This policy is designed for a building that houses multiple units, usually more than 3.  The policy includes building coverage, a general liability, business personal property coverage, loss of use, crime coverage and more.  This policy is strictly designed for apartments.

We usually write these policies through Travelers, Philadelphia or Middle Oak.

Landlord Condo Insurance

This policy is built for someone who owns a condominium and rents it out. It includes interior dwelling coverage, loss of rent, medical payments, and landlord liability. You can add things such as extended liability coverage, and loss assessment. This policy is usually written under Dwelling Fire Policy Form 8.

Landlord Dwelling Insurance

Investment houses are either written under a DP-1 or a DP-3. Or known as a dwelling fire policy. Most policies are written under a dp-3, because it gives you replacement cost coverage on the dwelling, which is better than the dp-1 actual cash value coverage on a dwelling. Always make sure you have the following coverages on your dwelling rental property.

  • replacement cost on dwelling(dp-3)
  • extended dwelling coverage, at least 120 percent
  • landlord business property(stove top, dishwasher, fridge, washer dryer, etc)
  • other structure coverage
  • loss of use, for at least 12 months
  • landlord liability
  • sewer back up
  • Ordinance & Code Coverage

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So What is a DP-3 Property Policy and Why Should I Purchase One?

Why should one carry a DP-3 Policy?  First of all, for those unfamiliar with a dwelling policy, the Dwelling Policy 3 is a policy used to insure private dwelling residential property. Occupation could include a homeowner who doesn’t qualify for an HO-3 or HO-5 policy, or if the property is being rented to tenants. A DP-3 is not designed for vacant properties.

The dwelling is insured under a replacement cost basis. DP-3’s vary company to company. Most companies include other structures coverage, of 10 percent of what the dwelling is insured for. Other coverages that can be endorsed and added to the policy include personal property, personal property full replacement cost, extended dwelling coverage, loss of use, law and ordinance, sewer back up, liability, medical payments and more.

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