What about you, have you had problems with personal slander or copyrighting an idea?

Most businesses advertise their products in order to make the sales they need for continuation.  But when advertising and when copyrighting a product, one must be careful to insure against another business intruding on your territory.  This could be considered an advertising injury which will be discussed below.

There is also the problem of libel and slander against a person which is called personal injury. There exists in the insurance business an Insuring Agreement where a policy provides protection for liability arising out of offenses such as libel and slander which is a personal injury.  A personal injury as distinguished from bodily injury includes false arrest, detention, imprisonment, malicious prosecution, wrongful entry, eviction, or invasion of privacy.

Advertising injury includes using advertising ideas in the wrong way or a style of business, infringement of another’s copyright, title, or slogan in the insured’s advertisement;  violation of privacy, as well as libel or slander.  The coverage of personal and advertising injury does not include the wrongful pricing of goods, or services;  insureds in the media, or as an internet search, access, content, or service provider;  and loss arising out of an electronic chatroom or bulletin boards the insured hosts or owns.

So to protect yourself, especially if you are a Professional, make sure you have a Personal and Advertising Injury policy set up an in insuring agreement.  This would be considered a Commercial General Liability coverage.

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What Is Medical Payments Coverage, On A Car Insurance Policy?

As we all know vehicle insurance can be very complicated at times. So I am going to go over medical payments coverage. Or also known in other states other than Colorado, personal injury protection. This coverage only applies to states that use an at-fault tort system.

What is Medical Payments?

Medical payments coverage pays for bodily injury, and other expenses for the at-fault party in an accident. Coverage is usually available in the following increments, per person in the at fault vehicle. $5,000,  $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 and sometimes as high as 100 thousand.  This will cover such things as medical bills, ambulance ride and most other expenses. There is no deductilbe. Keep in mind this coverage is only for when you are in a at fault accident.

Why It Is Good To Carry Medical Payments?

There are always two scenario’s, when medical payments is good to have on your policy. For one you might have a high deductilbe on your health insurance. Most of the time, medical payments coverage will pick up all out of pocket expenses in your health insurance. So for example if you have a 5,000 health insurance dollar deductible, and have $5000 in med pay. Chances are you will not have to pay anything out of pocket. The other scenario is if you don’t have heath insurance. At this point I would recommend buying a much medical payments coverage as you can. At the very least, $5,000 in coverage.

How Much Does Medical Payments Coverage Cost?

Med pay is usually a very inexpensive coverage on your policy. We have seen at as low as $15 dollars every 6 months. This all really depends on you driving record, past accidents, and credit. Other factors come in to play also. For more information on this coverage feel free to contact us. We can write insurance in 45 states.