Seasonal Property Insurance

If you live in more than one location, you should have your properties covered for any type of unexpected loss.  For example if you have a home in Colorado and one in Florida, both homes should be covered fully for all unexpected events.  There are many reasons for setting up insurance on your seasonal property which is a DP-3. 

A Seasonal Property is set up on a DP-3 which is a Special Form where the dwelling and other structures are covered for all direct physical damage (open peril), except for perils specifically excluded.  Theft of property that is part of the dwelling or other structures is covered as long as the dwelling or other structures are not under construction. 

Personal property or contents are covered under Form (DP-3) perils.  Losses to the dwelling and other structures are paid on a replacement cost basis, and losses to contents are paid on an actual cash basis to the insured.

Don’t let an unexpected event ruin your financial situation.

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