In today’s economy, we all need to “take it to the top”.  In the insurance business this could mean to insure all of your valuables in a well-written and comprehensive policy.  If you have valuable furs, precious jewels, diamonds, coins, or valuable stones, they need to be insured for market value or stated value.

As the insured, you should have endorsements and individual floaters to cover all of your valuables.  Don’t be afraid to “take it to the top” in adding coverage, even if it means increasing your premium.  You will be money ahead.  Let your insurance agent assist you in developing a policy that provides the right coverage for you.

Allow your insurance agent “take it to the top” in giving you the service and insurance you deserve.  We at Denvers Insurance do just that.  Let us give you a quote that will be reasonable and yet allow the proper coverage. 

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