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Landlord & Investment Property Insurance

As a landlord the last thing you should be worried about is your insurance. If you purchase or have insurance through our agency, you won’t. We offer comprehensive “worry free” landlord and investment property insurance. Work with us today to get a free quote on your home or condo. Our agents are licensed and experienced, and can put together a policy that is best for your property.

What if your property burned to the ground tomorrow, do you have adequate coverage? What If there is a slip and fall on your property, does your policy protect you? These are questions that we help answer at our agency.

Types Of Properties We Insure:

We insure properties of all types. This includes dwellings, duplex, homes, condos, small apartment buildings and more. Please consult an agent for details.

Coverages We Offer:

  • Dwelling & building Coverage
  • Interior Dwelling coverage
  • 120% Dwelling Extended Coverage
  • Business Personal Property(BPP)
  • Replacement Cost on BPP & Dwelling
  • Loss Of Rental Income
  • Loss assessment (If Applicable)
  • Landlord Liability
  • Sewer Back Up
  • and more!

Our Companies Claims Process Is Excellent

We only write insurance with companies that have an excellent claims process. A claim can be complicated, but our companies will treat you fair and keep the process as simple as possible.

Personalized Service

Our agency is family based and understands insurance. You will work one-one-one with an experienced agent who will find a policy that best fits your business needs. We believe in “good old-fashioned customer service”.

Get A Free Landlord Insurance Quote!

We offer up to 5 personal lines companies for landlord insurance. To get a free insurance quote, please use our quick form, or contact us during normal business hours at (888)-270-0995. We will counsel you into how to receive the best price, for the most coverage. We will also advise on how to maximize discounts.

What Type Of Insurance Policy Do I Need For A Rental Property?

Rental property’s can provide great residual incomes, and right now with the rental market in demand, a lot of people are putting their house’s up for rent or buying investment properties. Before you do this, your insurance policy must be written correctly, or else you could have some major gaps in coverage.

First of all lest highlight some of the most common types of properties.

  • Apartment Building
  • Condo
  • Dwelling

Apartment Building Insurance

This policy is designed for a building that houses multiple units, usually more than 3.  The policy includes building coverage, a general liability, business personal property coverage, loss of use, crime coverage and more.  This policy is strictly designed for apartments.

We usually write these policies through Travelers, Philadelphia or Middle Oak.

Landlord Condo Insurance

This policy is built for someone who owns a condominium and rents it out. It includes interior dwelling coverage, loss of rent, medical payments, and landlord liability. You can add things such as extended liability coverage, and loss assessment. This policy is usually written under Dwelling Fire Policy Form 8.

Landlord Dwelling Insurance

Investment houses are either written under a DP-1 or a DP-3. Or known as a dwelling fire policy. Most policies are written under a dp-3, because it gives you replacement cost coverage on the dwelling, which is better than the dp-1 actual cash value coverage on a dwelling. Always make sure you have the following coverages on your dwelling rental property.

  • replacement cost on dwelling(dp-3)
  • extended dwelling coverage, at least 120 percent
  • landlord business property(stove top, dishwasher, fridge, washer dryer, etc)
  • other structure coverage
  • loss of use, for at least 12 months
  • landlord liability
  • sewer back up
  • Ordinance & Code Coverage

If you have any questions or want a quote contact us.