Length Of Yellow Lights Could Prevent More Accidents

According to Hesham Rakha, The Director Of Sustainable Mobility at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, has conducted research that supports the idea of longer yellow lights at intersections prevents more accidents. Since 2005 he has been doing research on driver’s behavior on yellow lights. The researchers goal is to determine yellow light signal times for intersections that are safer and still efficient.

If a driver decides to slam on the breaks at an intersection during a yellow light, it could cause a rear end accident. If a driver decides to proceed, it could cause an accident with side street traffic. More than 20 percent of motor vehicle accident fatalities, occur at intersections.

“If the yellow time is not set correctly, a dilemma zone is eminent,” Rakha said.

“The dilemma zone occurs when the driver has no feasible choice,” he said. “In other words the driver can neither stop nor proceed through the intersection before the light turns red. This can also occur if the approaching vehicle is traveling faster than the posted speed limit and/or if the driver’s perception and reaction time is longer than the design one-second value.”

Overall Hesham Rakha research will most likely lead to a lot of states, cities and municipalities adopting the new yellow light traffic timing. To read more about his reasearch, please visit this link. This is going to overall lead to fewer accidents and less injuries and deaths. Not only is this great for the community, it will also be good for your pocket-book too.

If there are fewer accidents, injuries, property damage and deaths from motor vehicles accidents in your zip code, it will drive down the cost of insurance on all sides. Not only on Comp and Collision, but also on liability too. With less insurance losses in your area, the cheaper your insurance is going to be.

Sources: (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

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We all have to prepare for the winter months ahead and now is a good time to get started.  One of the most important ways to prevent an auto accident is to have good tires on your car.  If you have a blowout because of a bad tire, this can cause an accident and not only damage your car but others as well.

Check your tires, are they bald, do they need to be rotated, are they out of balance, do you need a rotation, or do you need new tires because of normal wear and tear?   People usually wait until something happens before they invest in new and good tires.  But the fact is, good tires can prevent a lot of accidents. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least 400 people lose their lives every year due to tire failure or bad tires.  There is another factor, rubber starts to break down as it ages.  There is a CODE on the side of the tire that starts with DOT that tells the age of the tire.  Check this to make sure your tires are not getting too old.

With the snow coming, do you have “all weather” tires or do you have the tread needed to fight the snow?  With your destinations, do you need chains at times?   Mud and Snow tires are ideal for most conditions, but the more chronic conditions could require chains, especially in the mountains.

Let your tires be the cushion to safety and security for you.  Invest in a good set of tires if you don’t already have them.  They could save your life or someone else’s.  With slippery, icy and wet conditions, it is hard to get around with a set of bald tires.  Don’t let this happen and be prepared for the season.   

Don’t wait until it snows to invest in a good set of tires.  Do it now, beat the crowds and set yourself up for a good winter season.  Your insurance premiums will go up the more you have accidents.  Try not to have to use your insurance and have a good set of tires.  Should you have any questions or need a free quote, please call us.