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Charter bus, Church bus, Contingent Liability (Bobtail/Deadhead), Contractor, Day care bus, Driver Training, Emergency Auto, Escort Vehicle, Limousine, Medical Transport (non-emergency medical transport), Party Bus, Rental (short-term), Taxi, Tow Truck and Trucker insurance.

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We have new products available to you!!  If you are in need of Sand and Gravel business insurance, are an over the road trucker, or trucker, are an Energy-related business such as oil field work, water hauling, or frac sand, or need insurance for excavation, mobile repair, welding or manufacturing, PLEASE CONTACT US!!  We have it all available.


We have insurance for:

Bars and Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Day Cares, Fitness Centers, Home Health Care, Janitorial Services, Machinery/Equipment Repair, Tree Trimmers, Vacant Buildings, Warehouses and Welders.


We have insurance for:

Autos, Food products, Grain/Hay/Feed, Heavy Machinery, Household goods, Livestock.


We offer:

Mobile Service insurance, Motorcycle Sales/Repair, PPT/Truck/tractor repair, Trailer Dealer, and Used automobile dealer insurance.

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Oil & Gas Production Insurance | Get A Free Commercial Insurance Quote

Oil & Gas Production Insurance | Get a Free Commercial Insurance Quoteoil-gas-industry-insurance

The Petroleum Industry, also known as the oil patch or oil industry, is in the business of exploration, extraction, refining, transportation, and marketing of oil products. Transportation can include by vehicle, train or pipeline. This can include natural gas, sour or sweet crude and more. Oil and gas provide fuel for peoples, vehicles, plastic products, lubrication and more.

Our Commercial Policies Go Above And Beyond The Industry Standard

We pride ourselves with our company’s insurance products. We know our policies have comprehensive coverage which most insurance policies do not have.  Take a look at a break down of coverage we offer.

  • General Liability
  • Building
  • Business Property
  • EPLI- Employment Practices Liability
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability
  • Workman’s Compensation
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • and more!

Our Companies Claims Process Is Excellent

We only write insurance with companies that have an excellent claims process. A claim can be complicated, but our companies will treat you fair and keep the process as simple as possible.

Personalized Service

Our agency is family based and understands insurance. You will work one-on-one with an experienced agent who will find a policy that best fits your business needs. We believe in “good old-fashioned customer service”.

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Doorbell Video Surveillance & Their App’s

Recently my parents installed a doorbell with video surveillance and it comes with an app you download on your smart phone. When it comes to an insurance agent’s point of view, we love these types of gadgets. There are many handy settings on these doorbells. These gadgets are very user friendly and easy to install. When someone rings your doorbell, you’re are immediately notified on your smart phone. By having this type of device, it allows you to feel more safe and secure in your home.

They can also help prevent theft losses to your house. With their 180 degree camera angle, they keep an eye out in front of your home. Some other features you can add now include swapping out those old spot lights with new LED lights that include a video camera and motion detector that all work in sync with each other.

Overall these handy gadgets can prevent your house from getting burglarized. Most of all it can prevent you from having to file an insurance claim. Filing a theft loss with your insurance company is always going to guarantee a rate increase for the next policy period. These increases can be as much as 25% and higher. If you become ineligible for a standard policy, then you might have to be placed in a non-standard market.

Most of these doorbells start as low and $100 at your local electronic store. They are also very easy to install. The low cost of these devices can give you piece of mind and help deter crime occurring on your property.

Roofing Scams During Hail Season

Barbara Vanhagen lost more than $23,000 in the Lifetime Roofing scam and hopes her story is cautionary to other homeowners according to Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.   Trust your gut, check contractor references, ask specific questions about experience, work timelines and make sure it’s in the contract.  And, don’t feel pressured and absolutely don’t give full insurance payments upfront”.

Unfortunately, the hail season means roofing scams are abundant.  These storms can bring out the worst in people and employ fraudulent contractors who are scam artists.  These fraudsters will often make false promises, insist on the full payment up front, and create damage where none should have occurred.

So you don’t think it will happen to you?  Well it does happen, that is what 18 disaster fraud victims in Jefferson County thought before their contractor stole nearly $70,000 in upfront insurance money without replacing their roofs.  Jefferson county prosecutors worked with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to convict Jonathan McMillan, owner of Lifetime Roofing.

This roofer hired sales people to go door-to-door soliciting roofing business from homeowners, some of them at risk, elderly adults, and others with homes damaged from hailstorms.  These great salespeople were told to have people sign contracts and to collect as much insurance money as possible, UP FRONT.  After receiving payment from homeowners or their insurance companies, he never returned to do the work.

According to Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, catching these shady contractors is not easy since they usually move on and start something else before people realize they have been taken.  Storm victims have to be the first to defend themselves by knowing who they are dealing with and taking every precaution before paying their insurance claim to a contractor.

Insurance News: 1 Year Later, Colorado’s Most Costly Catastrophe

An updated damage estimate throughout Colorado is $2.3 billion dollars in insurance costs according to a recent article by RMIIA in their Media Advisory.  Looking back at the hailstorms in Colorado, as of May 8, 2017, they have skyrocketed from the initial estimate of $1.4 billion to $2.3 billion being credited with Colorado most expensive insurance claim era ever.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association is estimating the updated insurance losses for the hailstorm is based on approximately 167,000 auto insurance claims and 100,600 homeowners insurance claims.  As a result of this, initial costs for repairs rises from the initial quoted amounts, especially in an event this size.

According to the article in RMIIA, “The one-year anniversary of Colorado’s most damaging hailstorm demonstrates the magnitude of the damage that can result from a single storm,” says Carole Walker, Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association”.

This all serves as a WAKE-UP CALL for all us to consistently review our insurance coverage’s, policies, and to be financially prepared in case of a catastrophe.  With the increased number of people moving to Colorado coupled with the rising costs of living in this state, we constantly need to monitor our insurance needs.

Top Ways To Keep Auto Insurance Cost Down

As an Insurance agent, I am always asked “how do I keep my auto insurance cost down”? In this article, I am going to share some ways and tips on how to do this. Some of them are obvious as not get speeding tickets, while others such as your credit score, not so much.


-Avoid getting moving violations

This is probably the most obvious one. Don’t speed, don’t run stop signs and drive safe. This not only affects your pocket book, but also your personal safety. Over 30,000 people die each year in car accidents. Also, I have seen 2 point defective vehicle tickets drive insurance cost up. Insurance companies look back anywhere from 3 to 5 years on your driving record. I’ll also warn you that DUI’s and other serious violations turn you life upside down and you will double your auto insurance rate.

-Maintain a healthy credit Score

Studies have proven that people with good or high credit scores are less of a risk for insurance companies. They file less claims, are at less risk to get into accidents and pay their bills on time. Overall, a better credit score equals better premiums.

-Take advantage of ALL the insurance companies discounts

Auto insurance companies offer all kinds of discounts. Multi-car, Multi-driver, Multi-policy, good student, owning a home, accident free, college degree, electronic payment, paperless and many more. Make sure you talk to you agent and that you take advantage of all the discounts offered.

-Carry higher deductibles

If you have a brand new, 50,000 vehicle you just drove off the lot, you might want to consider carrying a higher deductible for your Comp and Collision. On a vehicle with that much value, I would personally carry no lower then a 1000 dollar deductible. Over a 2 year period, you could save hundreds of dollars if not more.

-Avoid filing claims

Claims drive up insurance costs. This comes down to safe driving. Drive smart, don’t run red lights, stop at stop signs and quit tail gate-ting the driver ahead of you.

Also, if you have a $500 deductible and back up into a pole and acquire 700 dollars of damage to your car, it might be best to pay that extra $200 out of pocket. The cost of your insurance going to after the claim, may be more costly then the $200. In the case where a lot of damage occurs, file a claim.

-Decrease you liability limits & Reject Uninsured/Under insured Motorist.

Only in extreme cases would I recommend this. Overall, I don’t recommend this at all. If get into an accident, these are the most important coverage’s on your policy. You can live with a higher deductible, but you can’t live with either yourself or someone else’s 100,000 dollar hospital bill. By the way, if you run into an agent or company that recommends this, you should ask yourself if you should be doing business with them in the first place.

-Do you need Med Pay?

If you have a good health insurance plan, you most likely don’t need this coverage. Though the cost to carry med pay is not very much. I have very few clients who reject this coverage due to cost.

Overall, I have provided a basic plan on how to keep your auto insurance cost down. My final point is to shop around on your insurance. If you have a broker or agent you really like, ask them to do an insurance review.

How 10,000 People a Month Is Affecting Insurance Prices

According to an article published by the Denver Post, about 8000 to 10,000 people are moving to metro Denver each month. People have discovered our hidden secret of a great city, our beautiful mountains and our great people and culture. There are unintended consequences to this, such as more traffic, soaring housing and rent prices and property and casualty rising insurance prices.

A lot of people have been opening up there renewals lately and have noticed that there insurance has gone up. Some have noticed up to a 25 percent increase in their auto insurance and a substantial increase on their home insurance. Now the question is why?

There is a very simple answer to this. The more people in one area, the more traffic and more car accidents. In insurance terms, this means more losses for the insurance companies. Especially the Casualty side of it. (Auto and commercial insurance).Like I mentioned earlier, some have seen a 25 percent increase..

The big factor in why home insurance has gone up, is due to property values shooting through the roof. This has not only been for regular homeowners, but for condo associations, apartment complex’s and some commercial properties. A home that was $150,000 in 2010 is now selling for 225,000. Its going to cost more to insure.

Overall, I hope I have given you a better understanding of how a growth in population will affect you auto, home and commercial insurance prices. At the end of the day, the insurance company passes its cost down to the consumer.

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