Doorbell Video Surveillance & Their App’s

Recently my parents installed a doorbell with video surveillance and it comes with an app you download on your smart phone. When it comes to an insurance agent’s point of view, we love these types of gadgets. There are many handy settings on these doorbells. These gadgets are very user friendly and easy to install. When someone rings your doorbell, you’re are immediately notified on your smart phone. By having this type of device, it allows you to feel more safe and secure in your home.

They can also help prevent theft losses to your house. With their 180 degree camera angle, they keep an eye out in front of your home. Some other features you can add now include swapping out those old spot lights with new LED lights that include a video camera and motion detector that all work in sync with each other.

Overall these handy gadgets can prevent your house from getting burglarized. Most of all it can prevent you from having to file an insurance claim. Filing a theft loss with your insurance company is always going to guarantee a rate increase for the next policy period. These increases can be as much as 25% and higher. If you become ineligible for a standard policy, then you might have to be placed in a non-standard market.

Most of these doorbells start as low and $100 at your local electronic store. They are also very easy to install. The low cost of these devices can give you piece of mind and help deter crime occurring on your property.

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