The General PGAC Indepedent Insurance Agent In Denver, Colorado

Looking for a Local PGAC agent? Look no further because we are exactly that. We are appointed agents. Click HERE to see our local listing on PGAC’s website.

Call us for a free quote @ 303-219-4985

About PGAC

They Insure most cars and drivers
Permanent General specializes in “non-standard” or “specialty” auto insurance, which is auto insurance for people who are quote “high risk”. This includes relatively drivers that are new to the auto insurance market, or who have been dropped by their former insurance carrier because of their driving records. PGAC also offers Sr22 filing.

They Offer Low down payments, convenient monthly payments
They offer low down payment options to every policyholder coupled with convenient monthly payments plans if you so choose. In most cases they combine their budget-sensitive plans with electronic verification of driver information and vehicle information when the customer is buying the policy so there are no surprises in the future. They also offer payment by credit card or check online.

Quality Claims Handling and Customer Service
Policy holders receive top notch service. PGAC claims department are focused on serving the customer to complete the client to satisfaction. Many questions and needs can now also be resolved online.

Financially Stable
A.M. Best recognizes PGAC financial strength and stability with a A – “Excellent” rating

About Karen W. Schneider
I am a Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Agent in Colorado, license #376411. I am the Customer Service Rep and Office Manager for Denvers Insurance Agency.

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