Will The Insurance Company Inspect My Home?

When purchasing home insurance, there are some steps involved. One of them being inspecting your home after purchase of  the policy. When you buy a homeowners policy, the insurance company has the right for inspection. This can be at the beginning, or in the middle of the term. There are a couple of reasons why insurance companies does this.

  1. The insurance companies checks the assessor report, square footage, build and other factors to make sure that the home is insured to 100 percent of its value. This is to assure that property’s don’t go under insured.
  2. The inspector looks for pride of ownership. In other woods is the home being taken care and maintained. From there the inspector will note in his/her report their findings. This could be that the house is in good shape, or needs work.
  3. Liabilities are noted and sent back to the under writer. This could be a pool, trampoline, or any other liability.
  4. There are other steps that the inspector might through, such as an interior inspection, but for the most part, the first 3 steps, are the main steps.

After the inspection is done, the inspector will send his report back to the insurance company. From here, it will go through under writing, and if there are no flags, the policy gets issued. The insurance company may also require further steps, such as fixing a condition in the house. They could also completely deny issuance of a policy, but this only happens a small percentage of the time, usually due to a serious factor. (An Example is telling an insurance company that you own a Golden Retriever, but they find out you have a Pit bull).

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