Why A Trampoline In Your Backyard Is A Bad Idea

Trampolines are fun and good for exercise. They are also sometimes considered and attractive nuisance and are excluded on most home insurance policies.  By attractive nuisance, you as the homeowner are one hundred percent liable for any potential incidents or lawsuits. So for example, if little Johnny next door, sneaks over and injures himself on your trampoline, you are fully responsible. Even if you weren’t home and didn’t give him permission to be on your property.

According to a CBS News article, 98,000 people were treated in emergency rooms in 2009, due to a trampoline injury. The injuries have also doubled over the past decade, compared to the previous.

These injuries are not going to pay for themselves, and since your home owners insurance most likely has a trampoline exclusion, the homeowner is going to have to pay out-of-pocket.  Insurance companies use to cover trampolines on their policies. After injuries started staggering up, and personal injury lawyers started suing anyone and anybody, insurance companies got out of the business of insuring trampolines.

Our advice is DO NOT OWN ONE. Were not trying bash the Trampoline Industry, were trying to protect the home owner. Trying to protect him or her from frivolous law suits.  All it takes is for a trail attorney lawyer to represent little Johnny’s injury, and for you to pay out-of-pocket over 50,000 dollars. Even if you some how have an insurance policy that covers it, get rid of it. It’s a headache to completely avoid.

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