Personal Articles Floater(PAF), Insuring Individual Valuble Items

A Lot of us when setting up homeowners insurance, forget a very important item on our policies. Personal article floater insurance. A lot of us have very valuable items, that we don’t insure. One of these very obvious items is mostly you or your spouses wedding ring.

In this blog, I am going to cover what a personal article floater insurance policy is, and why you might be cutting yourself by not insuring something important.


What is a personal article floater?

Since valuable things such as jewelry are limited on the amount of coverage a home owners policy’s will cover, the industry offers this policy. The industry offers policies for jewelery, guns, coins, stamps, golf clubs camera’s and other items. This all depends on what the insurance company offers. The policy insures the individual item. Both the insured and insurer agree on insuring at a certain amount. An appraisal or some sort of proof of value is required. Sometimes a deductilbe does apply, at usually a very low level.  The most common personal article floater policies are for jewelry, mostly wedding rings.

Is this policy idealistic for me?

This all depends on the client. If you have a valuable wedding ring worth 50 thousand dollars, yes you should insure it. That alone is a small investment and fortune. Sometimes people decide its idealistic to self insure. I know a couple of gun collectors who don’t insure there guns. Th reason is so much cost over time. Sometimes you are better off getting a really good safe, and locking up your valuables in there, or even getting a safety deposit box.


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