Will my home insurance policy pay to fix a broken sewer line?

(old broken sewer line, considered to be a maintenance issue)

It s always a devastating experience to have a sewer break take place with your home.  It is not only inconvenient, troublesome, but expensive.  As an insurance agent I get a lot of questions, this is one of the most common questions I get.  Not only is this true of homeowners, it is true with commercial lines as well.  “Will my insurance policy pay for a broken sewer line?”  To give a short answer to this questions, no and yes.

Sewer backup coverage only covers the damage due to a sewer backing up.  For example, the pipe clogs towards the middle or towards the street on your sewer line, causing sewage and water to back up in your house and small flooding, the insurance will pay for the damage caused from the sewer backup.

What decides if a insurance company will pay for a broken sewer line, all depends on the condition of the pipe and how old it is.  If the sewer line breaks due to it being old, and it needs to be replaced, then the insurance company is not going to pay out anything.  Insurance companies don’t pay for maintenance, they only pay for accidental and sudden losses.

The industry rarely pays out on this type of incident. The only time they were to possibly consider, is if its not due to a warranty issue, and the line must be up to date and new. Even then, there is more than likely no coverage. For Example: an insurance company will not pay out on a 50 year old clay line, that broke due to natural wear and tear and its at the end of its life use.

Please contact us with any questions, we can write insurance in 45 states.  Feel free to leave comments.

About Karen W. Schneider
I am a Licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Agent in Colorado, license #376411. I am the Customer Service Rep and Office Manager for Denvers Insurance Agency.

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