Ordinance And Law Coverage On A Home Owners Insurance Policy

home-insurance-homeowners-condo-insuranceHaving an older home or property, is almost sometimes like owning a beautiful antique. This could be your primary dwelling, seasonal property, rental condo or home. As newer homes are being built, your house keeps its individuality.  As we know, new code laws are either being updated or made to help try to improve, energy, safety, and other purposes. As a homeowner with your old house, this doesn’t effect you, because its most likely grand fathered in. Or Does it?

Most of the time it doesn’t effect the average homeowner. But when it comes to the possibility of a  insurance loss on your home or property, everyone can become vulnerable to new code laws. The chances are the older your home or structure, the less compliant they are with current codes. In the event of a total or partial loss of your property, for example due to a fire, when it is re-built it has to be compliant with all new county, city, city, state, federal and association codes.

This will cover you three ways:

  1. Loss to undamaged part of building or dwelling. (Example: The part of the undamaged building has to be demolished and rebuilt due to code.)
  2. Increased Demolition Cost: (Due to having to demolish and undamaged part of the building or dwelling)
  3. Increased Cost Of Construction. (Due to higher cost for compliance for new law codes)

Coverage is usually built in at, %10 of the structure/dwelling insurance amount. This can be increased with an endorsement or when a policy is started.

If you have any questions about your current policy, please contact us.

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