Wedding Insurance, Why It Is So Important.

  • Your Wedding is probably one of the most important dates in you life. There are all kinds of things that you need to prepare for. You have the rehearsal, you have food and catering, the brides dress, and the grooms suit. But one of your most important things is actually your wedding insurance. For your wedding should be worry free.

The biggest risk at a wedding is alcohol. Most of the time, alcohol is being served at weddings. As we all know people become a lot different after a couple of drinks, or even some times drunk. There are always safety nets you can put in to prevent alcohol related accidents. Such as providing transportation for the way home, or even offering a hotel room to all of your guests. But still at the end, alcohol related accidents happen to much.

A couple of examples of incidents that could occur during or after your weeding are; a person gets to intoxicated and drives home from your wedding. The person gets in at-fault accident and seriously hurts someone else. The next day later you find out, that they got into an accident leaving your wedding. A week after your getting find out, your getting sued by the third party they hurt. Another incident could be, after both of you leave the after party(groom and bride), your buddy Johnny gets into a fist fight with another guest because he’s drunk. A week later your getting sued by that guest that got injured by Johnny.  Ultimately, they say the groom and brides wedding after party, was to irresponsible with serving alcohol.

Before the weeding you were smart enough to purchase One of Our Travelers Wedding Insurance Packages and you are covered for all of this. Lets see the highlights of this program.

Cancellation and other wedding insurance coverages

The Wedding Protector Plan® offers quality wedding insurance at an affordable price, underwritten by Travelers.

Wedding insurance can offer the following coverages for your special day.

Special Event Liability Insurance

Affordable, no deductible Wedding Insurance

Liability Insurance is an optional coverage and can be added as an endorsement on to your Special Event Insurance Policy. It offers you protection in the case of an incident from an event you host including to add liquor liability insurance.

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