What Is A Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy?

When watching television we see lots of lawsuits taking place which could even involve you.  These lawsuits and advertisements thereof,  pay for a lot of airtime.  You have “Henry the Hammer” telling you how much money you can get for your car accident.  Unfortunately, you have a ton of frivolous lawsuits that are going against the insurance companies at which at the end,  drives up the premium for your vehicle insurance.  Unfortunately, it is the attorneys making the most money from this.  It is not the victim that wins, it is the attorney that wins.  This is why if you have assets, your life savings, money in bank, properties, you have to make sure you are protecting yourself from these attorneys because they will go after these assets.

Let us explain how an umbrella works.  First of all, umbrellas are purchased in increments of one million.  Our agency can sell a ten million dollar umbrella, but the average is one million.  Umbrellas protect you above and beyond your auto and home insurance liability.  Do keep in mind to qualify for an umbrella, you have to maintain certain underlying limits.  The United States average for these requirements is $250,000 per person, $500,00o for the total accident, and $100,000 for property damage for auto insurance liability.  For home insurance liability, it is a $300,000 minimum, this can include your renters, homeowners, landlord, or investment property.

Examples of how an umbrella will work:

1.  An auto insurance example:  you get into an at fault accident and there is one person in the car.  That person sues you managing to get a $500,000 judgement against you including fees.  At this point your limits have been exhausted on your auto insurance policy.  But you have wisely purchased an umbrella, so the one million dollars is more than enough to cover the judgement.  If you had not purchased an umbrella, your personal assets and estate would be jeopardized.

2.  A Homeowners example:  someone comes to your home and visits, slips and falls and sues you for $700,000 including fees.  That person wins and your $300,000 homeowners policy limits are exhausted.  Again, since you have purchased an umbrella, you are protected because you have at least one million to cover the judgement.


A simple answer is, if you have money in the bank, own stocks, are a CEO, an athlete, a business owner or make an average income, you need one.  One easy way to figure this out, “how well established in life am I right now?”  You need one, but if you are a college student and don’t have a penny in the bank, you don’t need one.  A college student is usually lucky just to buy an auto policy covering the mandatory legal liability limits.

How much is an Umbrella?

The average price of an umbrella is $260.00 per year at our agency which includes two vehicles and one home.

Our Companies Claims Process Is Excellent

We only write insurance with companies that have an excellent claims process. A claim can be complicated, but our companies will treat you fair and keep the process as simple as possible.

Personalized Service

Our agency is family based and understands insurance. You will work one-one-one with an experienced agent who will find a policy that best fits your business needs. We believe in “good old-fashioned customer service”.

Get A Free Umbrella Insurance Quote!

We offer up to 6 personal lines companies for umbrella insurance. To get a insurance quote, please use our quick form, or contact us during normal business hours at (888)-270-0995. We will counsel you into how to receive the best price, for the most coverage. We will also advise on how to maximize discounts.

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