Looks like Droughts are still ahead in Colorado: How to protect your Home from wildfires

We are above average in rainfall in Colorado but we could very easily slide back into a drought season in the mountains and plains.  When the burning sun pushes the temperature to over 100 degrees and it occurs day after day with little rainfall, chances are we are in for a drought.  So what causes a wildfire and how do we protect ourselves against such risks?  First of all, it is not only the trees that are a threat but it is the grass.  For instance, a grass fire can start blazing and move to the trees.  The trees, of which there are branches and leaves light up in a glow and we have a forest fire on our hands.

Other ways wildfires can occur are through careless “campfires” that are not watched or kept within the confines of a concrete slab or fire ring.  Just pure carelessness in general, such as throwing a cigarette butt on the ground or tossing a match can light up a grass fire resulting in an eventual forest fire.

The best policy is the DP3, it includes replacement cost on the dwelling, personal property coverage can be added with replacement cost, extended dwelling coverage can be added, and many more things.  This is specifically if it is seasonal dwelling.   If it is a primary dwelling, then one needs an Ho3.

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