State Auto Insurance

A lot of you probably haven’t heard of State Auto Insurance, but writing business with them doesn’t get any better. Also there customer service is great along with there rates. Please keep in mind they do more then just auto insurance. They also do home insurance and business insurance.

First of all, they are only one of 2 companies that offer up to 100,000 dollars in medical payments I’ve seen in Colorado. This makes it really easy to get people enough coverage under one policy. The other company I have that offers that high of Medical Payments is Met Life Auto and Home.

Second, you can insure up to 9 vehicles on 1 policy. Most polcies is just five. This makes it really convient for people with big families and good records. You can also include up to 9 drivers.

Third, There rates are unbeatable, no one else there can be their rates. When you fit into there bubble, they can’t be beat. I have switched a lot of people over to State Auto, since I have gotten an appointment at the beginning of the year.

Forth, there pay plan is unbeatable. If you want to do EFT, they don’t charge for it. So you can set up on a monthly bill, with out being nickled and dimed installment fees. You also don’t have to worry about down payment neither. They will bill you for it!

Fifth, They have a commercial product that some of the most competitve rates that I know of. There business owners policy is one of a kind.

So pick up that phone and call us for a quote from State Auto. If your not in the Colorado area, Google a local insurance broker around you and ask if they have State Auto!

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