June Is the Start of Colorado’s Peak Hail, Flood & Severe Weather Months

According to RMIIA, June is the start for severe weather. Colorado is known as the hail capital in the world. This is a good time to take out your policy and make sure you have all ends covered.  As we all now Colorado has some of the highest home insurance prices due to this. Rates also haven’t been good in Colorado lately, due to the recession, when insurance companies get a poor return on investment. Other reasons such as higher insurance fraud during recessions, and insured’s who have fallen off the book, doesn’t help. A lot of companies are also starting to go towards a mandatory 1% deductible of the amount the dwelling for all wind and hail losses. Lets take a look at previous catastrophe losses in the past in Colorado.


Date Location
Cost When Occurred
2009 Dollars
July 20, 2009 Denver Metro
July 11, 1990 Denver Metro
$1.03 Billion
June 6-15, 2009 Denver Metro
June 13-14, 1984 Denver Metro
July 29, 2009 Pueblo
October 1, 1994 Denver Metro
May 22, 2008 Windsor
June 8-9, 2004 Denver Metro
August 11, 1997 Denver Metro
May 22, 1996 Denver Metro

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