How Much Liability Does Your Auto Insurance Have?

It seems like every time that we turn on our Tv’s, there is an ad of a personal injury lawyer, telling you how much money he could get for you form a car accident. Unfortunately the reason they can afford the expensive commercials, is because they end up getting big settlements from insurance companies. Usually at least 30 percent. At the end this effects all consumers, because the insurance company now has to charge everyone a higher premium to pay for frivolous law suits and judgements.

It is now spring is this is an excellent time to check you auto insurance liability limits, since we are all now traveling a lot. As we all now when you drive more, there is more of a risk you might get into a car accident. So this is a very good time to pull out your declaration page and to see how much liablity you have. We do recommend that you have at least a 500k combined single limit. If you have any questions please visit out website.

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