Why Buy Discretionary Items When You Should Buy Insurance?

So why buy discretionary items such as books, jewelry, silverware, designer rugs or decorative art when you should buy insurance.  Let the priorities fall where they may, but one needs insurance before purchasing any discretionary products.  Being a new insurance agent,  I now understand why insurance is so important.  For those owning automobiles, having insurance provides the necessary support if involved in an accident.  For those owning a home, only the homeowner can attest to the importance of having insurance if there should be a fire.  For those owning a boat, a condo, a motorcycle or a farm, only they can attest to the importance of insurance coverage and protection.

So does a necklace or ring give us any protection if an unexpected event should occur?  Does a book give us the financial risk coverage if a fire should break out?  Does a painting on the wall support and pay for the wall of which it is hanging if a house is destroyed because of fire?  Only property and casualty insurance coverage protects one from those risks and unexpected events taking place on a daily basis.

So when you decide to purchase a product,  make sure you purchase insurance before you buy any discretionary items.  This way you will have your priorities in the right order.

Karen W. Schneider

Denvers Insurance

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